WOD Friday Dec.12/08

Today's workout was designed by one of our members. Come on in to try "The Dawson" today! (As a side note i just finished "The Dawson" and it sucks ... but in a good way. Great workout Dawson)

Here is the pic of Pete's first muscle up from the other day! Well done Pete! (Forgot to post your time yesterday Pete .. Sorry! - As rx'd: 13:07 - 38 squat jumps)
Maybe it is just me but does if you can pose and smile at the top of a muscle-up you probably should be able to string 2 together? post your thoughts to the comments section, haha)

Now that everyone is done .. here it is:

"The Dawson"

10 Burpess (hand clap at top)
20 Push ups
30 KTE
40 Squats
50 Double Unders
40 Box Jump (24"/18")
30 Sit-ups
20 Dips
10 Burpees (hand clap at top)


Anonymous said...

At the point this picture was taken I was contemplating doing an iron cross with a smoke!! Just like my man Vince Vaughan did in Old School. lol

Andrew said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA ... you will own a 49% share in crossfit kingston when I have a pic of that! (i still get to make the workout decisions with my 51%) lol

Anonymous said...

LOL ! Nice Pete !

Ok- you let Dawson the Beast design the WOD ? Are you mad ?
Let an old man like me throw one together so its easy and everyone feels good about themselves !
Glad its Friday !

Andrew said...

Going to post some times but the workout is still a mystery for the 5:30 crew, haha

As Rx'd

Pete - 12:05
Dawson - 10:40
Andrew - 8:54

Scaled - (jumping ring dips/Knee ups)

Sherri - 13:45 (14" box)
Ali K - 12:11 (24" box)
Suzanne - 11:08 (18" box)
Stella - 10:20 (10.5" box)
Sandra - 11:24 (10.5" box)

Anonymous said...

Dawson great workout - massively sucky yet awesome at the same time.

Andrew said...

5:30 crew

Beth - 15:50
Andy - 15:20

Dawson said...

I figured you'd get sub 10 minutes on that WOD Andrew. But sub 9???? That's NUTZ!!!!! I see alot of great times. Great job everyone.

Whoever 'anonymous' is... I am far from a beast. You know who is a beast? Here's a hint... look at Andrew's time.

Sherri said...

LMFAO--"beast"!? Hilarious--Andrew--I have never seen you workout--but your time is SCARY! Amazing time--
Was FUN today! Thank you Dawson--and super-great times, everyone! Hate the damn box jumps--but learning to not mind the burpees AS MUCH! See?? Progress, little by little! I have found a GREAT ONE for a Friday workout when it is my turn..cant wait to see next weeks!

Have a safe weekend everyone!



Andrew said...

The only reason i have a decent time is because i watch how hard everyone else goes during the WOD's. If i slacked off it would be a disservice to all of you. Thanks again everyone for the effort you all put in every time you train. At the risk of sounding lame, I get the most satisfaction watching the improvements and PR's being made by all of you more than any PR I stumble into!
Thanks all!