WOD Friday January 09/09


"The Bear":
5 rounds of
7 sets of the Bear Complex

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Increase the weight with each round. Barbell cannot rest on the ground, it is "touch and go". You can rest between rounds.


Dawson said...

OH NO!!! It can't be. Can it? Just watching the video makes my body hurt.


Dawson said...

Forgot to mention. Love the photoshopping. Hahaha.

Pete said...

Just wanted to say thanks to Andrew for allowing me to pick today's workout. I think this would be a great workout to gauge one's progress!! Great job Sandra, Sherri and Dawson.... way to push youselves!!
And Perry, it looks like you might have a career in graphic design!! haha

Andrew said...

Perry Walker, graphic designer. Rates start at $100/hr. Please email me for more info, HAHAHA

Andy said...

OMG ! I knew Pete would get edgy and grumpy when Jess left for school !
I am booking my ticket to
Pain Town !!!!

Sherri said...

Great choice, Pete! FUN workout! (May not say that by morning time when I cannot WALK DOWN THE STAIRS!) Pete, Dawson, Sandra--thank you for the cheers! I think we are all pretty happy with our numbers at the end?

Everyone else? Have FUN with the WOD today!


Jess said...

Wow...the bear suit really brings out petes eyes dont you think?!
LOL I am saving this picture for sure!! Hilarious!!

Andrew said...

I thought you may like that Jess ... haha

Jess said...

oh i LOVE IT ! Totally showing it to Tony and Jodi!! sooo funny it is now my screensaver on my comp!!!

Andrew said...

Dawson - 135
Pete - 115
Rory - 120
Randy - 135
Sherri - 60
Stella - 55
Suzanne - 65
Perry - 105
Kim - 85
Janet - 60
Kristen - 70