WOD Thursday January 29/09



50 Ft. Sandbag Clean and Throw (50#)
15 Handstand Push ups
21 KB/DB Swings (54#/30#)


Sherri said...

That is such a a funny picture of Pete! Haha--Pete! You are always grinning from ear-to-ear in all your pics...I luv it!Always making things look EASY!

PS: DAWSON!! My FAVE smart ass! HAHA..Tuesday's WOD? Burpees?! Feeling smug?! Buddy--it was horrible! Glad I am not paying into the swear-jar! Still resemble a building falling down, as far as my form? But I am getting many more reps in now, prior to nausea. Yipee! IMPROVEMENT!

Andrew said...

But wait Sherri! that isn't Pete, hahaha ... it is Perry!

PW said...

Someone tell Sherri to get off Grandpa's cough syrup...lol

Sandra said...

sandbag clean and throw?? ...... we are throwing sandbags at each other?... like dodge-ball? hahaha

Dawson said...

Sherri, it's good to hear that you are getting more reps now. That WOD must have been killer. I do miss doing the workouts though.

Today is only day 4 of snowboarding and my legs are pretty much done. And boarding through all the powder we got last night... I think I'd rather do 100 squats. And I'm not kidding either. With all that being said, I'm kinda glad I'm not there for today's WOD. Can you say, "Hello Mr. Pukie!!!"?

Dawson said...

I think the last throw of each round is towards the trainer. If you get him you do 5 less reps. I think that's what I learned at the certification.

Sandra said...

hahaha Dawson... believe it or not, I did throw the sandbag at Andrew. Still did the reps and my day 29 pushups.

You would rather do squats over boarding?? I think I choose boarding cause we all know how much I LOVE MY SQUATS. hahaha

Sherri said...

Okay--this is so damn embarassing!~ Pete/Perry!? LMFAO..Pery! You must come to more 8:00am WOD's so we can get to know eachotehr better....I have only met you once--on the futon in the back??? Okay, THAT did NOT sound very good?! Hahaha--I think I am burying myself deeper?! Eek---I am signing off..very blonde, and now VERY RED! Monster apolgies to both of you! But it IS a smily pic, right? And you DO look like you are having fun at the hands of our Master...correct?

Enough said!


Andrew said...

Oh, Sherri ... you have such a way with words, hahaha.

Ali (100ft)-25:51
"Ginger"(Rx'd)-38:44 (great job gingy!)

Hope everyone enjoyed that workout as much as I enjoyed vacuuming up the sand afterwards! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Good job everyone, great times all around. This was an awesome workout, extremely hard but good!!

Andrew said...

HAHAHAAHHA .. great posting Skeletor/Ginger/Gingy/Pete ...

Andrew said...

Ali K-15:58