WOD Wednesday Feb. 25/09

(Determination - Awesome effort Kim!)


With a continuously running clock

Row 2 K - Every min do 10 Ball Slams
Run 2 K - Every min do 10 Burpees


Sandra said...

that was one beatch of a WOD..... and I cussed at Dillan ...... (look of shame on my face) SORRY DILLAN ! no malice intended but Really who burpees away from their team hahahaha

Crystal said...

If I never have to do this again it will be too soon. I think my face is still red. BTW way to go 8am crew.

Andrew said...

I think my name is "mud" after today's "unposted" WOD, haha ... I am not going to make any more friends after tomorow's!

Dawson said...

Huh? What's going on? What am I missing out on?

Sherri said...


What a GREAT video! I am so sorry your elbow is still suffering from your injury. You are so inspiring--WAY TO GO!! So cool...