WOD Thursday March 19

(Taking advantage or the nice weather!)


"The 2nd Shittiest version of Fran"




Dawson said...

Well today sucked huge!!! Trying to clean that KB... tons of problems at the beginning. Oh well.

Sandra, were you drunk during the sled pull this morning? Or having a bout of an inner ear problem? Hahaha.

Sandra said...

hahaha..... No Dawson...... I was having technical difficulties getting that damn sled to MOVE!!

On average I embarrass myself about 2X a week during the WOD's ... today was such a day!!
I'm thinking of charging admission to my performances ...hahaha...TA DA!!!

Andrew said...

there is going to be an "intervention" for Sandra and her drinking someday next week ... i will let you know next week what day it will happen on ;)

Dawson said...
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Dawson said...

I'll call the A&E show Intervention and have their camera crew attend.

Anonymous said...

now now.. in Mama's defense.. I don't think 4 days of binge drinking really qualifies her for an "intervention". If anything, her nights with the bottle have impeded any more "ass over tea kettle" embarrassments, on the other hand, lax limbs Did fault you in a sled pull today Mama- I say encourage the bottle, & get a whip :)

Andrew said...

Sandra 12:12
Kelsey 12:29
Dawson 14:37
Ellie 11:54
Ali 16:35
Foisy 24:30
Pete 24:30
Kari Lyn 10:01
Kacey 10:17
Tanya 8:43
Perry 14:25
Shannon 9:10

Try to remember to write your name and time down! lots of missing times today