WOD Tuesday April 13/09



21 Thrusters
50M Overhead Walking Lunge
100M Run (50M Forward/50M Backwards)
50M Overhead Walking Lunge (Backwards)
21 Sit Ups

15 Thrusters 
50M OH walking Lunge
200M Run (100M Forward/100M Backwards)
50 M OH Walking Lunge (Backwards)
15 Sit ups

9 Thrusters
50M OH Walking Lunge
400M Run (200M Forwards/200M Backwards)
50M OH Walking Lunge (Backwards)
9 Sit ups

*Entire Workout is done with a 25/45# plate ... The plate can not touch the ground at any point. If it touches the ground for any reason a 10 push up penalty is assessed at the end of the workout for each touch (Push ups are done with the plate on your back)*


Dawson said...

Great work "Photoshop Perry"!!!

Andrew... no sneak preview to the "Sabrina"? Sneaky sneaky. Looking forward to the 'surprise'.

Peter said...

Hahaha... Who's Sabrina??
Can't wait to test her out!!
Happy 21st Birthday Sabrina

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! There are no words....LOL

Dawson said...

Curse you "sabrina" for having your birthday today. My ass is sore & my forearms are getting there. I dread to see what my legs will be like tomorrow.

Tomorrow you'll get to endure Sandra's workout. It's her birthday. She's going to be f......... Hahaha. As if I would put that on the board. I don't want to get my ass kicked. We know that the name of tomorrow's wod is going to be some type of swear word. Hahaha. Wish I could be there tomorrow to share in all of your pain. *note the sarcasm*

Sandra said...

....... should I be worried? ....... after Sabrina's special day..... what next!! LOL

Andrew said...

All weights Rx'd unless stated otherwise
Dawson 2638
Ellie 3318
Janet 3439
Sherri 3927
Tracie 4404
Sandra 4640
Heather 4658
Erin F. 3027 (10#)
Emily 3855
Ngan 3933 (10#)
Kyle 3400 (25#)
Rory 3234
Justin 3911
Pete 3923
Harmer 2546
Beth 3430
Kari-Lyn 3538
Kacey 3653
Shannon 4335
Tim 4400

Andrew said...

Ali 3227
Linds 3750
Serena 3753

Kacey said...

Wow "Sabrina" the WOD of the day SUCKED!!! I had to roll out of bed today and am currently walking like a 85 year old man!!!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday, Serena!!!!!!!!

Hope you had a GREAT DAY!!!! And you were smart too---you did this WOD at the END of the day--haha--I chose 8:00am?! It is now Wednesday night--I still can't walk! haha--and Sandra's birthday WOD did nothing to help earlier today! PLease--let there be NO MORE CLUB BIRTHDAYS until 2010! Our 'master' makes it HURT extra special on birthdays!


Serena said...

Thanks Sherri : )
If its any consolation, I'm pretty achy this evening as well lol