WOD Friday July 17/09


With an Olympic Bar complete the following for time:
Run 400 M
Back Squat X 40
Front Squat X 40
OHS X 40
Run 400 M
Shoulder Press X 40
Push Press X 40
Push Jerk X 40
Run 400 M
Hang Power Clean X 40
Hang Power Snatch X 40
Run 400 M


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Now everyone can hate me.

Anonymous said...

Are you f#@king nuts??? I'm not showing up tomorrow now!!!! Hopefully there is a time limit on this one! Did someone p*ss in your wheaties today?
You are right Jeff, everyone is certainly going to hate you now if they didn't already!!!

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. Good luck to everyone at the games

Sandra said...

Theory of Age Relativity
They say 50 is the new 40, so that would make 40 the new 30.

sooooo....... Jeff is not 40 but 30

wait a minute....... according to the theory then 30 is the new 20.......

and the WOD should read 20 reps - 200 M

Crystal said...

Harmer, do you think you could stop aging now??? I don't think I would be able to do even 1 more rep of these.

Serena said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!! : )
Hope you can still move after this WOD lol

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Harmer,

I hope you had the opportunity to do your b-day WOD!!

Sherri said...


OMG---That was REALLY HARD! hahaha--

Have great weekend everyone--bext of luck in TORONTO!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Good Luck to everyone competing this weekend! hope to hear some victory stories when I am back in town!!!

ps- i wonder who in the hell this "ginger" is ??

Dawson said...

Greetings from Toronto!!! Things went really well yesterday. CrossFit Kingston represented in a most impressive way. We had a woman finish third overall in the prescribed workouts. And... Get this... We stole the podium in the women's scaled 2 workouts!!! 1st, 2nd, & 3rd!!! I don't know how many compliments Andrew got but I had numerous people come up to me throughout the day & state how impressed they were with CrossFit Kingston. I can't speak for Andrew but I'm sure he shares the same opinion, but I was very impressed with how each athlete performed this weekend and how they all took it to the next level. I was inspired by each person which made me want to push the limits. (got a mild muscle strain in my low back). Not only was I inspired, I was proud and honoured to be walking around in a CrossFit Kingston t-shirt and walking with such great individuals. We owe all this success to 1 group of people & 2 individuals. First off, I want to thank the group of people that train at CrossFit Kingston. You are all amazing athletes and people. Your wellwishes prior to the competition were taken to heart & used as fuel to power through the workouts. Thank you. Secondly, Kim, Serena, Kirsten, jessi, Lindsay, Tim, and Pete... You all performed to everyone's expectations and beyond. Great work!!! And lastly our leader Andrew. With all your knowledge, dedication, heart, skill, etc made us all better athletes. Without you we would not be as good as we are. For this I thank you and I'm sure everyone else thanks you. Unfortunately none of the men were lucky enough to stand on the podium. Maybe next year.

On that note, I'm sore and hungry and going to go downstairs for breakfast.

See you Monday!!!

Andy said...

Fantastic !!! Thanks for the update Jeff !
Great job CFK people !

Peg said...

Way to go, CFK!!! You must be SO proud that all your hard work and sweat paid off. Such a joy working out with you!!! And Andrew, we are really fortunate to train with you. YAAAAYYYYYYYY, Team!

Sandra said...

Most excellent, CFK!! Congratulations athletes and Thank you Andrew - I agree with Peg we are fortunate to have you coach us!

Lindsay said...

Dawson, you did an amazing job at summing up this weekends events...as for the Men, podium or no podium you guys rocked the shit out of those wod's and performed beautifully. Each and every one of you inspires me to become a stronger athelete, so be proud !!! I just wanted to say Thank You Andrew, and everybody at CrossFit Kingston for bringing me to where I am today. You are a great group of individuals and I feel fortunate to be part of the CrossFit family :)

Dawson said...

Thanks Linds. I'm guessing by summing up you mean the sore part. Hahaha.

Lindsay said...

hahaha Yes, not only the soreness but the being impressed, the feeling proud to be wearing a cfit kingston t-shirt, Andrew's dedication/knowledge and the fuel and power of our fellow crossfitters wellwishes...all of which made this weekend a great experience...with hopefully more to come...THANK YOU ALL!!