WOD Tuesday September 22/09

(Happy 32nd birthday Mike!!)

32 min time limit

Max rounds for total weight:

3 Power Snatch
9 Back Squat

Rest as much as needed between sets and increase or decrease weight as needed. The bar can't be set down until the end of the each round or that round doesn't count towards your total weight lifted.

*If anyone wants to go for wings and beer tonight to celebrate all the birthdays this week meet at the gym for 8PM* (Place to be determined)


Linds said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Quite excited for this wod.

Dawson said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Great job on the weekend.

Oooohhhh!!! That looks like a nasty WOD. Oh you poor people. Hahaha *devilish laugh*

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Mike!
(honestly people no more BD's)

PW said...

Oh Sandra, you might want to sleep in tomorrow then...lol

Linds said...

double whammy ...ouch.

Dawson said...

How about sleeping in ALL week??? I picked the perfect time to have a back injury. Woot woot!!!

Sandra said...

Dawson, what do you mean ALL WEEK how many BD's are there this week????

Kacey said...

Happy Birthday Mike!! I'll be thinking of you all doing this lovely wood!!!!

Linds said...

Well Sandra...I hate to break it to you but I think the line up is something like.. Wednesday -Perry,Thursday- Karen, Foisy-Friday. Enjoy your weekend because mine is on Monday haha.

Andrew said...

Heather 8100
El 12240
Sandra 3780
Lori 4860
Em 8925
Vic 9045
Linds 15235
Harmer 13050
Foisy 16650
Jess M 11994
Karen 13500
Pete 18630
Perry 15390
Kira 9360
Kirsten 15400
Serena 11676
Beth 6480
Ty 17775