WOD Wednesday November 11/09


Follow this link to the WOD


Crystal said...

I am so sad that I will miss this one. Maybe one to try on Friday. Have fun, old school styles.

Dawson said...

I like the CFK banner.

I hope the syphilis picture isn't in reference to anyone at the gym.

Looking forward to the workout.

Peg said...

Excellent workout, Andrew, and a fine way to mark Remembrance Day. Thank you.

(Dawson, wash your hands, drown them germs!!)

Sandra said...

By remembering their service and their sacrifice, we recognize the tradition of freedom these men and women fought to preserve........ Thank you Andrew for this WOD

Dawson said...

Peg... I'm already full of germs. Comes with the profession. One of the perks.

The 8 am class did an amazing job although there was a little bit of moaning and whining. Peg is not included in this statement. The whining part that is. Everyone picked themselves up from the floor and pushed right through to the end.

Kacey said...

Great looking WOD for an amazing day of rememberance. I wish I was coming to do this one!! I agree great job on the banner on the home page!