WOD Thursday October 21/10

(Yes we will be performing at buskers this year .. save your pennies)


3 Sets

Power Clean + Clean (70%)
Back Squat 3 X 3 (75%)


Double Unders
Sandbag Muscle Snatch


Unknown said...

Great pic, am looking forward to the full performance :-)

mark said...

Personally I think Martha would make more $$ using Dawson. He's stronger than Andrew, just think about all of the money that could be made by Dawson tossing Martha up into the air then landing in one of these poses.

Unknown said...

Post WOD fuel WOMEN:

Above 16% - 20g PRO;20g CHO
12-16% - 20g PRO; 30g CHO
Below 12% - 20g PRO; 40g CHO

Post WOD fuel MEN:

Above 12% - 30g PRO; 20g CHO
8 - 12% - 30g PRO; 40g CHO
Below 8% - 30g PRO; 60g CHO

% = body fat

Eat a balanced PRO, CHO, FAT meal approx 1 hour after the post-WOD meal.

(PRO - protein; CHO - carbohydrate)

Examples of CHO @ ~10g:
little more than 1/2 cup apple sauce
approx 2 oz sweet potato

Andrew said...

did we really have to make it personal and bring my weakness into this, haha ... but i can drink more beer than dawson ... maybe?

Unknown said...

Hahaha. Is that a challenge Andrew?

Mar said...

hahaha, maybe you should be chugging a beer while holding me up & I'll chug a guinness at the same time!

Ps, there were more impressive poses, we're saving them for the street.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can drink those Bud Light Limes that have been at crossfit for the last 6 months!!

Mike said...

Did I hear correctly? Beer drinking will be the next food challenge? Mmmmmm beer!