Wednesday November 17/10

Over the weekend I received an email from a great friend and long term member Tim Stevenson :

"Hey Burns what's up? It looks like I will have to put my membership on hold for a few month. I have finally received the results from a few test I had with respect to my Anemia. Turns out that the cause is bleeding coming from a tumor in my colon and unfortunately the tumor is malignant.

I will undergo surgery on November 24th, sucks I will miss the Christmas Party. The Surgeon is very optimistic and so am I. Due to a family history with colon cancer my doctor and the surgeon did not fuck around and we are confident we got this thing early. 

I figure I will be back to Crossfit in the new year. May not be breaking any records for a bit but I will be back. 

I don't want to get all mushy but I do want to thank you for being such a great gym owner and coach. I honestly feel that if it wasn't for Crossfit I would have never had any indication something was wrong with me. As you know, through Crossfit you develop a keen sense of body awareness. When I started to really suffer during WODS this summer I knew something was up with my body. Had I been some couch potato I would have never known, never gone to the doc and who knows what would have happened then.

Give the rest of the gang my best. Oh, can you do me one big favour. Can you make the WOD on Nov 24th a fucking dandy! If I am going to be laying on a cold table with Strangers cutting me open you better make those fuckers suffer along with me. Make sure McDougall, Marshall, and Fred get a spot in that class.

And I also guess it would be appropriate to save me one of those "FUCK CANCER" shirts.

Take care! 
See you soon.

"Quitting is not an option in Crossfit or Cancer"

Lets join together for a special WOD next Wednesday , November 24th and help Tim fight this battle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tim and we all look forward to having you back SOON!



Serena said...

Tim, hope you know you have a lot of support and well wishes coming your way. Good luck on the 24th – we will all be thinking of you!

Unknown said...

Tim. You're a strong dude and you know how to fight. Heck... You're a CrossFitter. Good luck on the 24th. I will push extra hard on whatever is thrown at us on that day.

Sarah said...

Good Luck Tim!
We will be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

We are ALL behind you and are supporting you!!!!!

Crystal said...

I think we will also pre-order a t-shirt that says "I kicked Cancer's ass" for you.
Good luck and see you back at the gym soon :)

Steve said...

Hey Tim, It was awesome competing together in the challenge in September. Good luck on the 24th. I will definitley be thinking of you on the 24th while I lay on the cold black floor grasping for air.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you Tim...

Tom said...

Hey Tim
We are all thinking about you.

Beth said...

Hey Tim, you are a fighter and you will continue to do so. I've seen you work through shoulder pain and do some damage lifting big weights and running faster than the wind. My thoughts and prayers are with you and and I look forward to working out with you again soon. You are an inspiration to us all! Take good care - warmest thoughts - Beth

Ellie said...

Hey Tim,
We will definitely be sending all our collective strength and positive energy to you on the 24th, I know I will personally be pushing harder than ever for you that day.
Watch funny videos, talk to people that make you laugh, surround yourself with a positive circle, it actually changes your biochemistry will help you recover much more quickly. Here's one of my favourites

James Gordon said...

Hey Tim,

Both of my parents beat cancer, my Mom twice (unfortunately she had it three times). When I read your post I immediately thought "that could easily be me". I own CF Orillia nad CF Potential in Barrie. Both of our gyms are behind you and we'll be loading up on t-shirts to support your fight.

Stay strong Bro!


Tim said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. I will see you all at the gym in six weeks or sooner.