Thursday December13/12

Sorry about not posting a workout yesterday as I was sick as a dog ... A big Thank You to Dawson for taking all the classes for me!

Structural - 3 sets

Wrist routine
Inch Work walkouts X 6

Strength/Lift 1

Bench Press

Strength/Lift 2

Pendlay Row


*After each set*

5-8 Planche Push Ups (paralettes)
5-8 Toes to Bar


Row 250M
Pull Ups or Negatives X 5-8
Planche Push Ups (Paralettes) X 6-10
Crow X 1 min


Hayley B. said...
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Hayley B. said...

Did you not just write a post talking about "no excuses". Sick my ass.

Dan said...

But he got REALLY drunk that very same day... So it's okay.