WOD Tuesday Feb. 17/09

(Dawson working up to a max)

WOD (Courtesy of Bev!)

11 rounds for time

11 wall ball shots
11 ball slams
11 med ball cleans


Pete said...

Looks like your going to have to get bigger weights for Dawson, Andrew!! Great lift Dawson

Dawson said...

Thanks Pete. But there is still alot of room on the bar and a long way to go to fill it.

David said...

That WOD does not look like fun. Perfect kick in the ass to get me back in the gym.

I'll try to be in for 5:30 tomorrow. I tried using that class reservation thing but didn't have any luck.

Andrew said...

hey dave ... i just had to approve you as a member... it is done and you are good to go with the reservation system now. I have already added you in for today's class. see you tonight!

Andy said...

Super impressive lift Dawson !
I see first hand how hard Pete is working towards the Fredericton Trials and that photo speaks volumes.
Are you Zoning or anything yet ? Several people on the Cross-fit Forums swear their results were really augmented by the that diet.

Andrew said...

Pete is zoning with Chicken fingers , toast and homefries ... it is working really well for him hahahaha

Dawson said...

Hey Andy. I haven't started zoning yet. I am almost done reading "Enter The Zone" by Dr. Sears. Learning a lot. I hope to start the Zone next week. We'll see how it affects my performance. Hopefully for the better.

Today's WOD was a great one Bev! A good burner and boy did I ever sweat. Good job everyone this morning. Way to push hard!

Kirsten said...

Andrew - Plse count me in for the 1730 class...I too cannot add myself into the scheduler....

Tim said...

Hi Andrew, sorry but I can't make it for 5:30 today. Is there a way to cancel on the scheduler so everyone can see a spot open up?

Andrew said...

All I can say is WOW ... sorry about the vulgarity but that was FUCKING HARD!

Dawson-21:15 (Rx'd)
Janet - 10 rounds + 3 squats
Sherri - 10 + 10 cleans
Kelcy - 6 (rx'd)
Stella-9+8 WB
Andrew - 17:27 (Rx'd)
Dave - 18:59 (Rx'd)
Dylan-8+5WB (Rx'd)
Jessi- 9 +7 slams
Ali- 8 + 6 WB

Sherri said...

Lovely Andrew!
I was only 8-rounds, with no extra cleans! Haha--but I will STRIVE for teh 10+10 next time!

THAT was a hard workout--wow---

Dawson--LUV THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! I hope to get to HALF that amount of weight on my bar one day. But if you look in the background of that pic, I will never get there standing around GOSSIPING!! hahaha--sorry for that, Mr.Burns!! But Sandra is SO FUN to chat with! haha--


Andrew said...

Sorry Sherri! I had you and Sandra all mixed up! Sandra had 10+10!!! and Sorry SANDRA!

Alison said...

The workout sucked! Nice pic Dawson - I think I'll make you pee in a cup next time I see you at work though ;)

Bev said...

Well, I'm glad that Dawson liked my WOD, but Dawson is a demi-god. My apologies to the rest of you who suffered through it.

I taught this one tonight to my CrossFit class in Petawawa. 24 people turned up to suffer by my hands. I hope you will all forgive me, someday...

Thanks Andrew for giving it a chance. My quads are not thanking me today though. The 23 kilometers I ran the day before seemed so much easier than doing "11”.

Andrew said...

Stop kissing ass Dawson, hahaha ... nobody "liked" today's workout until it was over!

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

come on "anonymous" at least put your name if you are going call Dawson an ass-kisser, HAHAHAHA
(all in good fun Dawson)

Linds said...

anonymous= linds! haha
I was only agreeing to the fact that yesterdays WOD was only "liked" after it was finished!!

Andrew said...

hahaha .. well done linds ... Dawson is super pissed at you, LOL

Dawson said...

Sure. Cut a guy down when he's not even in the same city. That's ok. My feelings will mend.

linds said...

Sorry about the confusion, I never meant to imply that you were an ass-kisser!