WOD Monday March 9/09


"Are you F***ING kidding me" version of FRAN




Dawson said...

I think you're forgetting a word in there between you & kidding. I'll let all the creative minds fill in the blank. I thought the run/deadlift workout sucked... Show me the puke bucket!!!

Andrew said...

hahaha ... i will make the correction Dawson

David said...

You're zen planner thing isn't working for me right now.. I'm planning on being in there for 5:30... probably a mistake even showing up though.

Sherri said...

OMG! That is a horrible picture! Haha--I look like the jolly green giant and Sandra looks like my little elf-friend! hahaha---about that DIET PLAN we were talking about ANdrew?! Gawd--I hate pictures!!!! File this one in my 'befores'...


Dawson said...

Hahaha. We'll have to make sure we have a green suit for Sandra come Christmas time. And she'll have to do a workout in it. Hahaha

Sandra Woodhouse said...

Hahaha Dawson. I'll do a workout in an elf costume if you show up as jolly old Saint Nick. ho ho ho!

Andrew said...

Anyone that hasn't been in yet today be very very scared, haha ... I am a great motivator I know. This workout is F***ING HARD!

David said...

Cancel my last, as much as I'd like to suffer through this, I nearly hacked up a lung at PT this morning.

Anonymous said...

dangit...im kinda nervous for this now

linds said...

anonymous = linds = scared for today's WOD

Andrew said...

Awesome work today everyone ... that was a hard workout!

Janet - 10:10
Kim 10:10
Sandra - 10:30
Crystal - 12:38
Dawson - 11:08 (rx'd)
Stella - 10:06
Sherri - 11:36
Andrew - 13:25 (rx'd)
Rory - 17:17 (rx'd)
Ali - 8:53
Kuv - 14:31
Serena - 14:58
Jeff - 12:57
Kirsten - 13:25
Perry - 13:37
Linds - 15:20

Alison said...

Hey Andrew now when I book it's two spots - your system is on crack

Andrew said...

ooohhhh Ali ... what are you doing!!! haha

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