WOD Thursday March 12/09

(If you haven't been in yet today, this is what you will look like afterwards)


"Fight Gone Bad" Style - 3 Rounds for Total Reps

Pull Ups
KB Swings
Double Unders

1 min at each exercise with no rest between-1 min rest after  each round


Sandra said...

Many Thanks Dawson for your help and encouragement with my practice dead-lifts
; ) even laughing at my burpee punishment and my ass over tea-kettle bench flop - made my morning!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Sandra great job this morning!! :D

Too bad that picture has to be of me dying after the workout instead of getting that 225 deadlift. I'll get it soon!!!

Thanks Andrew, see you tomorrow

Sandra said...

hahaha if I had of been on my game I would have finished the ass over tea-kettle bench flop with a burpee! ta da!

Sherri said...

WHAT THE HELL?! I had to run out early for a meeting--and I missed Sandra's 'ass-over-tea-kettle'?! LMFAO!! Sandra! May you please repeat in the morning so I can be insprired as well??



Andrew said...

dawson-425(modified - push up and KTE)
janet 228
sherri 239
ellie 263
stella 237
emily 155
perry 234
david 374
kim 362 (modified)
Jeff 244
Tanya 221
Beth 222
rory 299
Foisy 203
linds 237
Kacey/Kari-lyn- 3rd round? not recorded