WOD Wednesday March 11/09

(The Aftermath - seriously everyone enjoyed themselves!)


500 meter row - time trial

L arm DB snatch
R arm DB snatch
Double unders X 2

1000 meter row - time trial

*Everyone please double check all your reservations on zen planner - just to confirm they are all in there ... the program is giving me fits lately! Thanks all!*


Anonymous said...

well....... that sucked!
great job everyone.

Sherri said...

HAHAHA---that was ROUGH today!OMG....is it ME...or are WOD's getting more difficult as we progress along?!


Woodhouse--I ALMOST needed that bucket after the initial 500m! Have never been that close---

Dawson said...

The workouts aren't getting harder. You're just pushing yourself harder. You can definitely see the results of your hard work. Keep it up.

Crystal said...

Next time I will read the workout more carefully before I decide to go or not. That extra 0 on the 100 really kicked my ass.

Sandra said...

You pick and choose your WOD? never thought of that hahaha

Andrew said...

Congrats to Dylan for setting a Gym record in the 500M Row - 1:30.3! (rory was a close 2nd with 1:30.6

Sherri said...

You are way too kind as usual!! If it was not for the motivating spirit of Andrew and yourself? I would still be reading cosmopolitan on the tread mill at GoodLife, wondering why I was not getting results?!

NEVER PEEK! OMG--I ould not show up for HALF of my WOD's if I looked ahead!!

WOW!!! AMAZING TIME! And you are questioning making it UP those steps at Loborough Lake this summer?? Hilarious--Dan Akroyd will be sititng in his boat , watching you scale that hill in disbelief!!!!!!!!!