WOD Friday April 17/09



100M Sandbag/KB Clean and Throw
100 M Bear Crawl
100 M Burpee Broad Jump

Max Rounds in 30 minutes


Dawson said...

Seeing that photo brings back very painful memories. Oh wait a second. I'm still feeling the pain!!!

Kacey said...

That photo is the DEVIL!!! I finally can get out of bed with out pain in my butt!!

Linds said...

I hear you both! I'm just starting to walk normally again!

Sandra said...

I think this pick shows what a well disciplined, WOD love'n crew the 8am'ers are :) ..... note we are all traveling in the same direction - good pace - good form - no complaining - I know ya can't see it but we are all smiling.......hahaha...... have a great weekend everyone.

Kelcy said...

My last client today mentioned that she was driving out on Fortune Crescent around 530 and saw some people "hopping like bunnies" and throwing around bags. She thought y'all looked a little out of place in industrial park LOL

I explained to her all about crossfit, and how we have very little pride. She's going to check you out :D

Sherri said...

Haha...THAT is hilarious..there was alot of traffic at 8:00am when we were doing this one. Funny as hell. This was a very challenging week--I think it has been the most challenging one I have had since December! Serena? Woodhouse? These were insane WOD's--but isn't that why we are all here? To be constantly challenged and taken out of our confort zones? Mission accomplished this week..Thanks Andrew...bruises are healing--just in time for next week..I luv this freaky place!!


Andy said...

Well said Sherri !
The Master loves to force us out of our comfort zones to work harder and harder.
I really enjoyed being outside though. It was warm and sunny and the only thing that sucked were the prickles and weeds.
Oh and the horny black lab who took a shine to a few of us bear crawling !

Linds said...

That workout was dirty, I have a very disgusting looking rash all over my hands/legs...but worth all the pain in the end, always is ;)

Sherri said...

Haha--ANDY! That dog is hilarious--his name is Titan! And when you call him by name? He jumps on your leg HARDER!! HAHAHA..so gross--especially when you are trying to lunge with an overhead WEIGHT! Haha--please--NEVER PICS OF THIS FOR THE WEBSITE, Mr. Burns!!!