WOD Friday May 1/09

(Ash with a gym record 40.5" box jump!)


Shuttles runs for time:

Run (3) three 300 yard or meter shuttles. Rest 5 minutes between shuttles.

300 yard shuttle runs are completed with (6) six 50 yard sprints. The objective is the change of direction; the ability to accelerate, decelerate into the turn, plant at the line and explode into a sprint.


Dawson said...

Greetings from Fredericton. It's been a tough and very controversial weekend. I'm sure andrew will be more than happy to tell you all about it. We'll all sit in a circle on med balls and have story time.

Looking forward to getting back home. See you Tuesday.

Alison said...

Good job Dawson and Pete. Sorry to hear that things were not always above board. I'm sure you guys did an awesome job of representing CFK.

andy said...

I read about the competition and results on-line. Controversy or not I want to commend the Kingston Crew for both heading down east and the great effort they put in.
17/ 22 or whatever- you did us proud and I can't wait to hear your stories. Now that you have had a taste of competition hopefully we can all help keep you focused and training hard in order to take that next step !
Good job !

Sherri said...


Im with Andy--WAY TO GO, everyone!! I read it online as well--cannot wait to hear all of the stories..hope you all took pictures!And hope you all got some rest too--


See u tomorrow!

Andrew said...

Hey all! Just coming through montreal now... Can't seem to post tomorrow's WOD with my blackberry so I will leave it here for now

400M run
21 burpees
21 KB swings
21 chest to bar pull ups
400M run
15 of each
400M run
9 of each

Sherri said...



And amazing height!! Wow--I am still on the baby-box----good for you!