WOD Thursday May 21/09

(Foisy with a 53" Box Jump! ... and a 225lbs Clean yesterday. Seems to be "jumping" to the top of the records board. I would also like to mention he leads the "Puke" category with 5? or 6?, haha. Great work dude!)

Congrats to Janet for getting her FIRST CHIN UP YESTERDAY! and another 3 today!


400M Run
Deadlift 30 reps (BW)
400M Run
Deadlift 20 reps
400M run
Deadlift 10 reps

for time


Sandra said...

Foisy ... wow ... amazing jump, you make it look so easy, no effort at all.

no secret I'm gun-shy about box jumps :)
Andrew, how about a climbing wall?
I could retire my fairy jumps! hahaha

Andy said...

Nice job Foisy ! Thats a big jump and impressive lift.
And Congrats to Janet for the pull-up ! I'll bet when you started Cross-fit a pull-up was distant goal and no you are ripping 3 ! Great job !
And Sandra you are likely gun-shy about box jumps for a good reason. They are scary ! A few weeks ago on a miss I lost a bunch of skin on my shins and thighs from sliding down the box. Instead of stopping and letting it get the best of me I got annoyed and kept going til I hit my PR. Make them yours !!

Andrew said...

Andy! I didn't think you were alive anymore! see you are booked in tomorrow .. great WOD planned!

Andrew said...

Dawson 1016 rx'd
Sherri 1304
Janet 1132
Tracey 1441
Sandra 1206
Emily 1247
Harmer 1014 rx'd
Ingmar 1355 rx'd
Foisy 1345 rx'd
Kari-Lyn 1430
Alix 1207
Jamie 1721 rx'd
Rory 1249 rx'd
Pete 947 rx'd
Andrew 849 rx'd
Kev 1339
Serena 853

PW said...

Perry 10:22 rx'd