WOD Friday May 22/09

(Games east Qualifiers ... discussing strategy? most likely not)


"Hansen" sort of

Five rounds for time of:

2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Burpees
30 AbMat Sit ups

Please excuse the questionable language in the post below. It is a very good quote from Barbell guru Mark Rippetoe

There are no shortcuts. 
The fact that a shortcut is important to you means that you are a pussy.
Let me be clear here: if you'd rather take steroids than do your squats heavy and drink enough milk, then you are a Pussy. 
I have no time or patience for Pussies.
Please tell everyone you know that I said this.


Dawson said...

Oh no!!! Kettlebell/burpee combo? And a heavy kettlebell to boot??? YUCK!!! I feel Mr. Pukie may make a visit. Hopefully the bootcampers can trial this WOD tomorrow then I'll see if I'm going to call in sick for when it's my turn to do it. Hahaha.

Andrew said...

WOW .. tough WOD today!

Martha 2324
Ash 2457
Dan 3 rds (25 min)
Ingmar 4 rds (25 min)
Nevia 1836
Janet 2503
Sherri 2855
Harmer 4 + 25 KB
Tracey 4 + 15 Burpee
Stella 2430
Emily 2759
Ngan 4 + 8 Burpee
Linds 2518
Kevin 2336
Jessi 2249
Andrew 2819 (rx'd)
Foisy 4 + 30 KB
Kim 3 + 30 KB (Rx'd)
Rory 4 + 14 Burpees (Rx'd)

Anonymous said...

still feel like im going to vomit from that WOD

Linds said...

still feel like im going to vomit from that WOD

Sandra said...

too bad I missed todays WOD..... sounds like everyone had fun!!!

Sandra said...

It has only been about a week since I have introduced more Zone then Diabetic recipes into our meals.

The change has been dramatic. Hubby has not experienced the crashing lows or soaring high blood sugar levels that wreck havoc with his system.
He is finding it easier to balance his insulin and food with his activity level.
I'm hopeful this continues, like I said it has only been about a week into this.

Dawson said...

Sandra. That is awesome news!!! Hopefully things will only get better.