WOD Tuesday May 26/09


5 rounds for time

3 reps (1 Power Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats)
200M Sprint
5 Muscle ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.


Linds said...

hmmm the no comments thing always makes me nervous...

Sherri said...

Lookin GREAT, Stella!


Andrew said...

yeah I am surprised that we didn't get any comments today ... too exhausted to type? hmmmm

Sandra said...

Any remarks from me on todays (wod) muscle ups would have made a mule skinner blush - so I decided not to comment! :)

Dawson said...

OK. I'll bite. What the heck is a mule skinner? Must be a saying before my time. Hahaha

Sherri said...


Sandra--what in HELL is a mule skinner?! Hahaah-



Sandra said...

Mule skinner is someone who works with mules as pack animals.
If you have ever had the pleasure of working with (some) mules they can be real pain in the a__ . Hence the nasty cussing.

Andrew said...

Dawson 2018 rx'
Janet 2047
Sherri 2227
Ellie 2207
Sandra 2230
Ngan 2118
Andy 2011
Perry 2334
Foisy 3440 rx'd
Jamie 2056
Rory 2525
Jessi 2031
Serena 2017
Tim 2004
Beth 2128
tanya 2005
Linds 2047
Alix 2052