WOD Tuesday July 28/09

(Kirsten cruising through WOD #1 at the challenge)


400M Run
Deadlift 30 reps (BW)
400M Run
Deadlift 20 reps
400M run
Deadlift 10 reps

*Compare to May 21/09*


Dawson said...

Oh sure.... put this WOD up when I didn't train all last week and put on some weight. Thanks.

I take back ALL the nice things I said about you.

Andrew said...

I only did it because you looked so out of shape from an entire week off of training ... Martha said she is a little disgusted with you, lol

Dawson said...

Great job with Fran yesterday serena!!! Now we have another feud in place. Ingmar vs Ashley and now Serena vs Perry. Let's see how it'll all unfold.

Serena... my money is on you.

Martha said...


Andrew, it's just loose skin!

Dawson said...

Hahaha!!! Screw all of you!!!

Serena said...

LOL Thanks Dawson! I was sucking wind today though!!

Dawson said...

My last comment is only directed at 2 people. I should have clarified that before. I like everyone else.

Andrew said...

Martha I am sorry that you are in an abusive relationship where your BF says he doesn't like you. If you need to talk you have a great community here at CFK that can help you get through this. I am saddened by this turn of events everyone.

PW said...

Oh Dawson,

First you rat me out about not having my thumbs wrapped around the bar months ago, now this...

have you ever heard the saying Bro's before Ho's...lmao

You've got a lot to learn my friend!

(to clarify - in no way is the ho's comment meant towards ANY female at cfk)

Andrew said...

Harmer 844
Dawson 827
E 1158
Heather 1524
Janet 1303
Mike 1230
Jessi 1231
Linds 1130
Emily 1220
Kev 1150
Pete 744
Serena 1406
Karen 1234
Peg 1636
Sherri 1541
Crystal 1805
Time 1054
Beth 1544
Heather 1240
Jess 1440
Ingmar 1251
Scotty 1542

Jessica said...

ughhhhhhhh holy hamstring & back burner that was!!! good work everyone tonight!! it hurts to move today