WOD Monday September 28/09

"Dirty, Trashy, Filthy 25"

2 Rounds for time

25 Box Jump
25 Overhead Squat
25 KB Swings (12kg/16kg)
25 Burpees
25 Push Ups
25 Pull Ups
25 Sit Ups
25 Lunges
25 Push Press (45#)
25 DB Squat Cleans (20#/30#)

Please check the Calendar as Class times will be changing and additional classes are being added.

There will be a new 7-8AM class M/Tue/Thrus/Fri
M/Tue/Thurs evening classes will be as follows 5:15-6:15,6:15-7:15,7:15-8:15
Wed - 5:15-6:15,6:15-7:15
Fri 4:30-6:30 Open Gym time (If not an unlimited member this still counts as one of your classes on a 2X or 3X a week membership - There will still be a posted/structured WOD for those who wish to do one)


Dawson said...

Nice! The female version of "Where's Waldo?". Where's Linds? Hahaha.

Looks like this may not be as painful as the regular Filthy 50. Good luck to all that are taking this on today.


Crystal said...

Looks Like fun! Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!

Andrew said...

I hate to burst everyones bubble but this is much harder than the filthy fifty ... yikes ... I thought E was going to die at 8AM !

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...


hahaha - I too am hoping this WOD isn't as hard as the filthy 50

then again I do on occasion succumb to naivety!!

Dawson said...

I guess I should have looked at all of the exercise and just not assume that this was the Filthy 50. I take back my previous comment. This looks hard as hell.

Jessica said...

I am scared to enter the gym today....but Happy Birthday Lindsay!! im sure Ill be puking up a nice present for you later on ahhahaa

El said...

Don't judge this one on my performance, I wasn't at the top of my game today. All of my usual 8am companions were AWOL today so, which made it seem much harder, misery loves company you know...judge for yourself! Happy Birthday Linds...

Linds said...

Thank you everyone for the Bday wishes..and also for being part of that 'special' bday wod!!!! Congrats to everyone just forshowing up today, that was a dirty, dirty wod and you all did amazing!!

Ginger said...

That WOD sums up what CFK is all about.... MOFO INTENSITY!!

Andrew said...

And cleanliness Pete ... It comes before intensity now, hahaha

Dawson said...

Did Perry go and clean YOUR gym again?

Andrew said...

actually jess did it this time Dawson, haha