WOD Monday January 4/10

(While surfing the internet I came across this gem. I have no comments for this but please feel free to post what you think to the comments section!)



3 attempts to get a max lift in the following

Deadlift 1-1-1
Shoulder Press 1-1-1
Squat 1-1-1

*Today is day 1 of the nutrition challenge Dawson has set up! Please make sure you have emailed him your measurements, etc, and don't forget to fill out your daily food log!* GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Dawson said...

Looks like photoshop Perry strikes again. Putting an attractive woman with "Shorts" Bruce. Hahaha

Miller said...

jesus tap dancin' christ this will serve as bait for a long time coming! thankyou to whomever discovered this "gem" !!

Jessi said...

Bruce, finding this pictyure was one of my favorite moments ever.. You look wonderful and that is one sexxxay woman! well done!

PW said...

So we have a few birthdays coming up this month...Pete's on Jan 16 and Andrew Jan 17.

Andrew is going to take care of Pete's bd wod, and I have the green light for Andrew's wod.

I am looking for some input from the morning and noon groups (since I don't see you) to see what (movements/exercises) they would like to see incorporated into Andrew's wod.

If anyone has any input/suggestions please email me at perrywalker@gmail.com and then I can give you a few more details on what I have planned.

Cody said...

Very upset that I'm missing this WOD. :( Hope everyone had great lifts!!

Kacey said...

That is a gem! See you all tonight!