WOD Monday March 8/10


Every minute on the minute do 2 Thrusters (as heavy as possible) for 10 min

rest 5 min

For Time

30 Burpees
800M Run
400M Run
10 Burpees
200M Run


Skill Work


Dawson said...

Post WOD fuel WOMEN:

Above 16% - 30g PRO;20g CHO
12-16% - 30g PRO; 30g CHO
Below 12% - 30g PRO; 40g CHO

Post WOD fuel MEN:

Above 12% - 40g PRO; 20g CHO
8 - 12% - 40g PRO; 40g CHO
Below 8% - 40g PRO; 60g CHO

% = body fat

Eat a balanced PRO, CHO, FAT meal approx 1 hour after the post-WOD meal.

(PRO - protein; CHO - carbohydrate)

Anonymous said...

Dawson, that post WOD fuel is nonsense. This WOD will require major drugs after!

Dawson said...

If you need drugs you are doing something wrong. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and try the post-WOD suggestions for a month or so. If it doesn't work for you then you can hammer it all you like. Until then....

Sandra said...

hahahahaha . . . anonymous like's to stir the pot !!?makes for interesting blog reading!!

Anonymous said...

Dawson doesn't know when his leg is being pulled!!! Ha! Ha! Probably needs more postWOD drugs!!

Kacey said...

Great Pick Sammy!

God damn running!!

PW said...

Sammy's got the gr 5 I gav'er during that soccer game at recess hair going...lol