A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of CFK's first members! (sadly Beth has been putting up with since before CFK even opened!) - Beth also got a new PR in her deadlift yesterday of 277lbs! 


Snatch - (up to 85%)

6 Rounds

2 min work/2 min rest

4 one arm DB power snatch
8 Ring Rows
12 Ball Slams


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!
Have a fabulous day!!

Serena said...

Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you have a great day!

Peg said...

Wow, Beth! way to go. Congrats on your birthday, your BIG lift, and for putting up with......I mean benfitting from CF training for three years.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beth and great job and the PR lift. Haird

SamuraiMark said...

Happy bday Beth, and congrats on the PR!