WOD Monday December 12/11

Just some proof that I have pushed a prowler before ... at least once.

Back Squat X 3 X 4 @ 85%-90% then 1 X Max reps at same weight

A - every min on min for 10 min perform
2 Power cleans + One Clean and Jerk (60%-65% of Clean)

B - AMRAP in 8 min
5 Pull Ups (Strict)
7 Shoot Throughs


Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like pushin.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a tabata prowler. 20 seconds rest, then 10 seconds pushin'. Or something like that.....

Unknown said...

Those are 15# plates FYI.

Anonymous said...

This pic reminds me of city workers hanging around and leaning on their shovels while looking at the work they're supposed to be doing.


Unknown said...

Everybody must be in awe and are stuck for words seeing Mr. Burns behind a piece of equipment. I thought this comment section would be full by now.