Tuesday December 13/11

Push Press X 3 X 4 @ 80%
1 X Max rep at same weight

4 min - Rowing
rest 2 min
4 min - suicides X 4
             Box Jump X 5
rest 2 min
4 min - Double Unders X 20
            Burpees X 5
rest 2 min
4 min - Push Ups X 5
             Hollow rock X 10

Partner slam ball sit ups X 10 X 3


Matt said...

I have an account on Fitocracy (http://www.fitocracy.com/) if anyone wants an invitation.

It's an exercise tracker meets social media site. You log workouts and earn points, awards, achievements, that kind of crap. It's supposed to make exercise more like a game, and motivate you through public exposure and earning that shiny "2.8 times bodyweight" achievement badge.

Let me know.

Dan McD said...

Hi Matt

I have heard about it and would like to sign up. Could you email the invite to dan . mcdougall at gmail.com

Matt said...

Sent, let me know if it didn't work.