WOD Thursday December 1/11

Deadlift 5 X 5 

A- 4 sets
     Bench Press X 5
     one-arm DB row X 10

B - AMRAP in 10 min
      10 Wall Ball
      10 Burpees
      10 Ring Rows


Sam said...

I am going to have 2 pairs of DoWin lifting shoes for sale soon, they will be between size 11.5-13 depending on which pair fits. The cost will 141.25. post if you might be interested and I will let you know when they get here.

Matt said...

Does "when they get here" imply that they are brand new? 11.5 is a bit bigger than normal for me (insert joke here) but I'll try them on if they're left in Andrew's office (and he doesn't toss them in the bag).

Sam said...

Yes all three pairs will be brand new, I am going to take the pair that fits me best, then ship back the others if there are no takers