WOD Tuesday March 31/09

(Lunch crew squatting away)



Pull Ups


Dawson said...

Awwwww man. This is gonna suck. Can't wait for tomorrow morning. *note the sarcasm in my voice*

David said...

hmmmm.. might try a 'combat fran' (no gas mask, that would be just crazy :) ). We're going for a nature walk at the end of the day tomorrow, will probably already be good and sweaty.

Sandra said...

miss my classes ...... I love the blk & white pic - Andrew must be getting used to the camera :)

Dawson said...

I don't know what hurt more after this workout, my forearms or legs. Mr. Pukie almost paid a visit. I was doing the pre-vomit salivating. Not fun. Thank goodness that torture is over.

Excellent work this morning ladies. Doing it prescribed is an awesome feat!!!

Sherri said...

I felt like a total TOOL today---felt like being on the 'bunny hill' skiing, with my empty bar...haha


My back will be better soon so I can do a prescribed workout like a big girl again!


Pete said...

Great work tonight by everyone in the 1915hrs class.... thanks for pushing us Andrew!!
Dawson, all i have to say is great work buddy.... your time for FRAN was MOFO fast!! congrats

Kacey said...

Fran is a mean mean lady!!!

Dawson said...

Thanks pete. It was a tough WOD. I'm still coughing a bit & get the occasional taste of blood. Good times.

Andrew said...

Ellie 1015
Dawson 249 (rx'd)
Janet 1000
Sherri 606
Stella 843
Ngan 849
Emily 849
Andrew 411 (rx'd)
Karilyn 600
Alix 600
Kacey 504
Tim 739
Kim 815 (rx'd)
Dave 654 (combat gear)
Pete 533
Linds 720
Erin 734
Foisy 745