WOD Monday May 11/09

(It's someone's birthday today?! can you guess who in this "before" photo?! - the "after" pic will follow later today! hahaha)


25 Muscle ups

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of
KB Swings

25 Clean and Jerk (135#/95#)


Jessica said...

Mom...was unaware that it's your birthday tomorrow!

Andrew said...


Martha said...

hahahahahahaha. wow, that's totally hot! how do I get this guys number?

Dawson said...

All I have to say is.... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??? Photoshop Perry has done it again.

What the heck is up the the workout? That has got to be some kind of joke. Eastern Canada Qualifiers WOD #2 broken up then a more hellish version of WOD #3 from the same day. My forearms are so sore after this weekend's Kettlebell Cert that it hurts to shake after I pee.

I feel a cold coming on so I won't be in tomorrow. Oh wait, I was already sick. Ummm... I dropped a light weight on my toe, now it's broken. Crap. Someone has already used that excuse. Shit... I guess I will have to workout tomorrow.

Anyone want to carry me home after the torture and place me in my hot tub? Actually may need a couple of people to carry that fat ass in the pic.

Alison said...

Clowns are creepy - f'ing hate clowns

Sandra said...

I'm looking ahead to see what WOD is posted.....so that I can scare - sorry - motivate myself. :)


Could this mean there will be other before pic's posted?
Here's hoping I have successfully destroyed every fat pic of me in existence hahahahahaha

Pete said...

Happy B-day D,
Hope you enjoyed what looks to be a brutal WOD!!

Dawson said...

Thanks man. It was a brutal workout & I'm sure you killed my time.

Sandra said...

so...... who is the clown?? ;)

Andrew said...

Ellie 2539
Dawson 2602
Sandra 2830
Crystal 2453
Andy 1848
Kevin 2053
Pete 2241
Jamie 2315
Ingmar 2544
Kari Lyn 2530
Shannon 2601
Jeff 2631
Ash 2107
Serena 2536
Jess 2146
Linds 2159
Tim 2523
Kim 2725
Foisy 2800
Beth 2812
Rory 2149
Watt 2558