WOD Tuesday May 12/09

(If you guessed that the birthday clown was Dawson you are correct! haha .. amazing what a little crossfit can do for you!)


Partner Deadlifts  (should be fun!)

Max rep suicide runs (20M = one rep) 
in 3 min

rest 2 min

Max rep Deadlifts (275#/185#)
in 3 min

Practice a "gymnastics" movement for 10 min (eg. cartwheel, handstand, rolls)

"The only time LSD (long slow distance) is necessary is if your going to compete in a sport that requires it. It is far inferior to CrossFit-type metcon for producing an increase in VO2 max, it interferes with power and strength production, it can be quite catabolic and immune-suppressive in high doses, it destroys muscle mass, and the people that do it usually wear silly clothes.
Read the stuff on the CrossFit website regarding this, and you will learn many good, important things."

Mark Rippetoe


Dawson said...

Partner deadlifts??? Sounds interesting. I don't know what's going to hurt more... My legs or back. Hmmm... Only time will tell.

Oh. By the way... Enough with the pictures already. I should unsign that part (the picture part) on the waiver form you made us sign.

PW said...

(.. amazing what a little crossfit can do for you!)

what...crossfit causes your chest hair to fall out...lol

Looking good Dawson!!

Dawson said...

No. It makes you're chest hair grow in evenly so you don't have any missing spots.

Andrew said...

hahaha ... unfortunately "unsigning" isn't really possible. Hopefully everyone read that waiver carefully ;)