WOD Wednesday November 18/09


400M Run
Deadlift 30 reps (BW)
400M Run
Deadlift 20 reps
400M run
Deadlift 10 reps

*Compare to May 21st and July 28th*


Sandra said...

Deadlifts and running. :) love it!!

Anyone working on the Pose method of running?
I have just started so I'm seeing slight improvement
I seem to be hard wired to heel strike hahaha - hard habit to break.

Laura Breck said...

I've been using it for about a year. I found it strange the first few times but then went for a winter run and had to be careful in the snow. After that day it has been really natural and I love it.

PW said...


Everyone seems to be hard wired for heel strikes, and the shox and typical "running shoes" people purchase have thick cushion heels that don't help people move away from the heal strike.

Try some of the nike "free" line, Andrew, Pete, Harmer, and I all wear them. They have a thinner cushion and you'll feel more of the road, etc...when running. This will make you want to avoid pounding your heels into the road.


If you ever have a chance watch Andrew run, although he looks fruity he has great technique...on balls of his feel and loose hands to conserve energy.

Sandra said...

Thanks aka PW :)
for the nike suggestion I'll ck it out

Andrew said...

Ty 954
Sandra 1038
tracie 1050
Mike 1300
Kim 945
Stella 920
Vic 1120
Mel 1200
Jason 1210
Foisy 927
Harmer 859
Andrew 711
Serena 942
em 1125
Maria 1417
beth 1417
Martin 1638
Jess M 1530
Tim 959
Sheila 1121
Ash 1121
el 1021
Linds 1230
Jaime 1236