WOD Tuesday January 17/12

Press X 3 X 5

Snatch X 2 X 8 (50, 55, 65, 72%X 4)

4 Rounds - 1 min each - 1 min rest

Prowler/Farmers Carry
Ball Slam
Wall Ball
Plank (Front)


Serena said...

Happy Birthday!

Just saw your note about potential 4:15 classes, I would be able to attend that time.

Vicki said...


Kim said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm in for the 4:15 as well.

Charles B said...

Hi Andrew, Marie-Claude and I could attend the 4:15 class.

kmor said...

Happy BDay!!

Steve and I would attend 4:15 classes

Steve said...

Damb. Wish I could get to this one. Busy Tuedays damb.

BTW, Happy Birthday Burnsey. You don't look 40 ;)

Chris said...

I'd be interested in 4;15 class

Matt said...

I am in for 4:15pm class as well