Getting Started

The CrossFit Essentials program is a one-on-one introductory personal training series designed to teach you the fundamental movements used in CrossFit programming. In order to ensure safe and proper movement, completion of the Crossfit Essentials program is mandatory before joining our group fitness classes.

The CrossFit Essentials Program is 3 -1 hour long personal training sessions. These sessions will include the teaching and practice of the movement patterns used in CrossFit workouts. Once these skills are learned they will be practiced to ensure a high level of competency.  Gradually the intensity of each skill will be increased as consistency is achieved.

Upon completion of the CrossFit Essentials program you will be encouraged to join the group classes, which will allow you to perform alongside other CrossFit athletes. If you experience difficulty with some of the movement patterns, additional one – on – one sessions will be recommended. Some people may also choose to continue with one- on – one personal training sessions to achieve their fitness goals.

3 – 1 hour one – on – one personal training sessions $150**
3 – 1 hour two – on – one personal training sessions $200** (Bring a friend and SAVE!)

*24 hr notice is required for cancellation of any one on one or two on one training session or you will be charged for the session and have to do an additional session to ensure you complete the 3 required sessions*

**Plus HST**

For additional information or to register please contact