Tuesday April 9/13

Lift 1 - work up to max double

Power clean and Jerk

Lift 2/conditioning

Work up to heavy X 2

Power clean + Clean X 2 + Front Squat X 2

*If you have extra time*

Evil Wheel X 10
Shoot Throughs X 20

Max Sets

Monday April 8/13

Back Squat - 2RM

RDL 6-6-6-6-6

*After each set*

DB Lunge X 8 (each leg)
Back Body Line X 1 min
Box Jump X 8
Pistol X 6 (each leg)

Vote now for Canada's Best New Artist

Please take 2 seconds to go to the following link and vote for "Henry Norris" in the Hunt for Canada's best new artist. Henry is the nephew of our own Tracy churchill-Anderson

Vote here

Voting closes April 7th for the top 2! Henry is currently in the top 4 in Canada!

Thursday April 4/13

A - Max Bench or 3-3-3-3-3

B - on the minute for 20 min

50ft Prowler Push - Women - 105lbs
                                Men - 145 lbs

Wednesday April 3/13

Our resident carpenter Rudi playing around on the climber he built for us!


Power Clean MAX
-10% 2 X 2


Work up to heavy set (1 set = 2X through sequence)

Power Clean + 2 Front Squat + Jerk