What about ABS!?

What about abs? How come we don't do more "ab work" in crossfit? Sure we do glute-ham situps, abmat sit-ups, and knees to elbows, but we sure as hell don't need to do them everyday like many programs now suggest. Why? Because spinal flexion is only a secondary purpose of our abdominal muscles. There primary goal being to provide us mid-line stabilization. They provide an immensely large amount of our ability to create power and provide balance. Almost all functional movement starts in our core and travels to our extremities. That being said, the best way to train abs is to stabilize them under heavy loads. An overhead squats is a beautiful example of real "ab work". Sitting or standing on a swiss ball or wobble board with light weights is not only not functional, but will not get anyone nearly as strong or balanced as functional movements using loads that require large amounts of mid-line stabilization to be utilized during a lift. Do some heavy overhead squat work, handstand work, push jerks, etc.. and your abs will have received all the
attention from you that they need.

(Some "uneven" OH Squats)


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