I just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank everyone for all the hard work they have put in this year! It has only been a month since we opened the doors and the amount of progress made by all of our athletes is amazing! I expect great things in 2009 for CrossFit Kingston. I feel very fortunate to work with such a great group of people not only as athletes but as friends. Thanks so much everyone and I look forward to training with you in 2009!

*There are no classes scheduled for JAN 1/09 but here is a workout you can do at home if you are so inclined!*

MAX SQUAT JUMPS in 2 min (Body weight)

Then complete max rounds in 20 minutes of

5 Cartwheels
10 Handstand Push-ups
15 Steps backward lunge

Then match the # of Squat jumps from above


Dawson said...

Thank you andrew for taking a chance with creating CrossFit Kingston and dedicating your time, knowledge, and efforts to us. I definitely appreciate it. I enjoy seeing all the fresh, friendly faces when I open that cold door and walk into the gym. I also enjoy seeing the determined & tired faces of everybody during the grueling workout you torture us with. And I also enjoy seeing the friendly, exhausted, & satisfied looks on people's faces as they leave. You play a huge role in our development. For that I thank you.

I hope 2009 (and future years) are successful to you and CrossFit Kingston. Keep up the great work!!!

Sandra said...

I remember not that long ago when I thought "athlete" was a bad word, and I wasn't too keen on gym teachers either!!!

How times have changed :)

Many thanks Andrew for your guidance, instruction and humour. I wish only the best for you and CrossFit Kingston in 2009.

Dawson said...

Day 1 Burpee Challenge complete. Only 99 days to go.

Sandra said...

so we really have to keep a proper count? haha
Day 1 Push Up Challenge done.
April 10 here I come!

Sherri said...

Day 1 under my belt re: burpee challenge. I hope my technique improves by day 100, as I still feel I resemble a 'building falling down' when I do them now...

Everyone--Happy New Year!

Andrew? Thank you for having faith in me! I am so thankful to have been introduced to Crossfit and yourself. Has made an amazing impact on my life this past month!I want to be able to show Amy and Wll that I was worth taking the chance on this year by showing them what I can accomplish before they return!

Lol--I feel really privileged to work out with all of you fun and interesting people/athletes! Prior to this year I had not participated in any type of 'sport/activity' for over 25 years! I had to conquer a huge fear jst to walk through the door. Now I look forward to running through the door, and feel elated when I leave! Thank you everyone!