WOD "HEROES" Tuesday, Dec.9/08

Tragically 3 more Canadian soldiers lost their lives on December 5th in Afghanistan bringing the total number fallen to 100. Today's workout is in honour of:


and all the other Canadian soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the chance at a better life. May you rest in peace.


2 Muscle-Ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 Kettlebell Swings (2 Pood)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


Dawson said...

This one is going to hurt but I'm going to give it all I have and then some because that's what those fine young men did themselves.

RIP gentlemen

Anonymous said...

I've not had the opportunity to meet you in person Dawson but you are impressing the heck out of me.
Not only as a cross-fit beast but as a person- good job bro !

Dawson said...

Thanks Andy. I'm hoping to get to meet everyone sometime soon. Not very many people enjoy getting up early in the morning.

I had almost 2 minutes today to get 1 muscle up so I could finish round 11 and couldn't get it after several attempts. Upset about that. I kind of feel that I let the soldiers down by not being able to get up that one more time. I also let myself down. But I took my frustration out on the box jump. Left it all in the gym. Felt better.

Great job by Sherri today. She was a machine pushing through the stations. I tried to keep up but fell short.

Anonymous said...

Awsome First day, Andrew! Thanks!! Work is going to SUCK tonight, but I can't wait to give it another go!!

Andrew said...

Great effort on "Nate" today everyone and some impressive "box jump" heights as well.

As Rx'd

Dawson - 10 rounds + 1 Muscle up
Andrew - 11 rounds + 2 Muscle up


Sherri - 12 rounds
Kim - 4 rounds + 4 Pull ups + 2 HSPU (almost as Rx'd, assisted HSPU)
Rory - 9 rounds
Brandon - 5 rounds

Box jumps

Sherri - 18"
Kim - 37 3/4"
Tim - 39 3/4"
Dawson - 46 1/2"
Andrew - 48" (51 1/2" with run up)

Great effort for your first time Kelcy and Tim!

Sherri said...

Welcome Kelcy and Tim!

Dawson? U rock! You totally would have done that last muscle up had your blsiters not ripped! And I am THRILLED to have actually witnessed that box jump - WOW! Soo great!

Loving the positive reinforcement from everyone--we are all challenging ourselves, and it is exciting to cheer for eachother , as well as be cheered FOR. Changing habits has been a difficult ride for me this year and I am thrilled at what I have accomplished. Some of my rather lofty goals have been attained. But I am even more excited to see how much farther CrossFit and Andrew are going to take me! I cannot WAIT to get there. And I know I will, with all of the support from everyone. YAY! Thank you Amy and Will for introducing me to ANDREW AND CROSSFIT KINGSTON!



Sherri said...
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Anonymous said...

I completed my first muscle up today!! I'd like to thank the man at the helm, Andrew, and the rest of the Crossfit Kingston members!!
Keep up the hard work guys/gals!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pete !
Big week for you - 11 min PR on Mon and a muscle up Wed !

Andrew said...

some more great numbers from the evening class:


Jim - 3 rounds
Lance - 5
Cher - 10
Pete - 9
Ali - 9

Box Jumps

Jim - 36"
Pete - 46"
Lance - 46"
Cher - 38"
Ali - 36" (It wasn't written down but i think this is right?)

Had a couple of nasty "misses" but the ladies took it like "men"! haha, can i say that?

Great job everyone!