WOD Tuesday, Dec. 30/08

100 Squats
2 Muscle-ups
80 Squats
4 Muscle-ups 
60 Squats
6 Muscle-ups
40 Squats
8 Muscle-ups
20 Squats
10 Muscle-ups

*Just a reminder that there will be no 5:30 Class tomorrow night*


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that that is 300 squats?!? Holy Crap. Kudos to all who did this WOD today!! I sure do wish I had the time to come in.... yeah... wish I did.

Dawson said...

Well... You know Kelcy... i know muscle ups would be difficult to do outside the environment of a gym BUT... And let me re-emphasize... BUT... Squats can be done anywhere, any place, any time. Just an idea. Heh heh heh.

Sandra said...

After the brute of a WOD yesterday - well done everyone who completes todays WOD!

Kelcy - excellent massage - see ya tomorrow morn 8am class.

Dawson said...

OMG!!! Anyone else having trouble walking up and down stairs? My legs are on FIRE!!! Yowzers!!!

Sherri said...

OMG!! DAWSON..YES! I just got up from my desk to go down the hall..lol..this is NOT GOOD! A firly brutal last two days, I must say! But I WILL NOT COMPLAIN! Haha--the Andrew (Master) does not take lightly to it! Lol--hurts--when in hell can I bounce a quarter off my butt? HOW MANY MORE SQUATS?!?!


Andrew said...

I do like being called "Master" hahaha ... Master got his ass handed to him today though! Well done Mr. Dawson!

Anonymous said...

Dawson - I think I'll save my energies for tomorrow morning LOL

Sandra - Thanks! I'll see you in the AM :)

Andrew said...

As Rx'd

Pete - 27:47
Dawson - 13:47
Andrew - 16:45

Sherri - 39:45
Ali K - 22:54
Janet - 34:00
Shandra - 25:06
Brandon - 50:02
Rory - 26:33
Al - 26:26
Carma - 28:39
Tim - 43:06
Jamie- 28:30
Perry- 37:00
Jess - 29:50
Lance - 28:18
Cher - 27:58
Kim - 30:00

Anonymous said...

Melissa a.k.a. The Amazon
time : 25:12 (modified no muscle ups) chins and dips