WOD Wednesday Dec. 24/08

(Rory and I celebrating the completion of our 100K Concept 2 Holiday Challenge!)

To prep us for the upcoming Christmas "gorging" we decided to double up today! Back to Back WOD's?! yes we did...

Thrusters and Pull ups


5 Rounds for time

5 Deadlifts (275#/185#)
10 Burpees

A funny conversation overheard before the late afternoon workout

Jess: Dawson did a 3 minute Fran?! He must be on Steroids ...
Ali K : I think steroids and cocaine ...
Jeff Harmer: If Dawson is on steroids he is wasting his money!

HAHAHA .. thought you would be amused by that Dawson ... and it kind of sounds like Jeff is calling you out for a head-to-head workout?! lol


Andrew said...

Sorry everyone ... I wrote all the times down to post but can't find them ... they are still on the whiteboard at the gym so i will get them up ASAP!

Dawson said...

Holy crap am I ever feeling the effects of yesterday's and today's combined WODs. I can raise my arms parallel to the floor before the discomfort sets in. Curse Grace then Fran. I guess we're all gluttons for punishment.

Time for bed or Santa won't come.

I hope everybody has a safe and fun holiday. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everybody!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone. Hey Dawson, I'm not calling you out. I said if you were on Steroids you were getting ripped off since you were not 250 lbs and walked like you were carrying two buckets of water. Perhaps like half the guys at Premier Fitness who think we don't know they juice. I see your times. I am just a newbie. However, Ali ratted you out about your cocaine use. I spoke to Elliot about mandatory drug testing for TEMS.

Andrew said...

Sorry about the slow posting of times from Wed. workout!

The first number is the Fran time and the 2nd number is the deadlift/burpee time, and the 3rd number is the combined time.

As Rx'd
Dawson: 3:11/8:15 (11:26)
Jordan: 4:15/5:08 (9:23)
Andrew: 4:20/5:13 (9:33)

Sandra: 4:55/8:36 (13:31)
Sherri: 5:07/9:17 (14:24)
Cher: 5:12/5:25 (10:40)
Brandon: 9:00/7:00 (16:00)
Jess D: 6:02/5:53 (11:55)
Walsh: 8:15/5:54 (14:09)
Tor: 9:15
Rory: 8:52/8:59 (17:51)
Jeff: 5:28/7:14 (12:42)
Jess: 11:22/9:55 (21:17)
Ali K: 10:48/10:36 (21:24)