WOD Friday January 30/09

(The mad russian!)

Today's  WOD comes courtesy of our own resident M.D. Ali, aka "The Mad Russian"!

FIGHT GONE BAD! (5 round championship version)


David said...

Thank god tomorrow's my rest day. Maybe I'll set up FGB over the weekend if I'm feeling extra masochistic.

Have fun everyone!

Sandra said...

good grief ...... who ordered all this f**k'n snow ($0.25) .... I'm still digging out .

Andrew said...

Just a quick note to say I am super stoked that everyone braved the blizzard like conditions last night to do their 400M runs!! and once again ... nobody left until everyone was done!
Awesome work EVERYONE!

Andrew said...

Thanks to the AM crew for their patience! Hope I wasn't too pissy when i FINALLY got here ... hahaha. I don't hide my emotions very well!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ali "the white russian" for the great workout. And I'd also like to thank Andrew for extending the workout by two rounds!!
Go George St-Pierre!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've decided if I have to come up with another friday workout it will be called "From Russia with Love"

Anonymous said...

This one is right up there with "The Filthy Fifty" in terms of the "I may meet Pukie" scale.
Got home last night and there was no way I could shovel my drive way !

Andrew said...

Sandra - 365
Ali K-390
Preston-454 (Rx'd)
Kirsten - 371
Beth - 405
Andy - 376
Foisy - 332