(Fight Gone Bad)


3 Rounds for Time

7 Muscle Ups
15 Deadlifts (225#/185#)
Row 1000M


Anonymous said...

Wow - Just when I think a workout can't suck any harder..... I mean- looking forward to it

Sandra said...

perhaps I was a bit hasty in closing down my cuss jar........ (scrunchy face)...... can't wait :)

Dawson said...

I want to apologize to everybody at CrossFit Kingston and especially to the morning class for my embarrassing display this morning. I don't normally quit a WOD unless time becomes a factor (work or appointment). But this morning I just quit. Not being able to do the WOD as Rxd (muscle-ups) due to a mild wrist injury and having problems setting the display on the rower played with my psyche today. So, after a great pep talk from Andrew I've got my head back on straight and I promise that I will never quit again. Unless an injury occurs, but we don't want to go there. Even if a WOD is going to take me an hour and I've met Mr. Pukie a few times, no more quitting.

Tomorrow is a new day. 3 - 2 - 1 - GO!!!

Andrew said...

Great post Dawson ...

Sandra said...

Ahhh poop
I'm without a car all day tomorrow - anyone coming from or past Bayridge and Old Colony area I can bum a ride off of to 8am or noon class?

Sherri said...

No apologies necessary!? You almost ALWAYS do all WODS as prescribed. Today would have made sense for you NOT to have done Rx'd, on account of the wrist/yesterday thing.We are, as humans, harder on ourselves than anyone else would be on us, correct? You are always inspiring to work out beside--I am glad you are in the morning classes!I cant wait until I can do an Rx beside you--in perfect form! Haha--hopefully you will stick around for ten more years--that is when I may finally be fit enough to accomplish that! Andrew --make sure your camera is ready--I will want a pic of THAT!

See you in the a.m., everyone!!


Andrew said...

Thanks for pushing me through the 30 MU's today Pete! Wouldn't have come close to finishing without you there dude!

Anonymous said...

You motivate us everyday Andrew!! I'd also like to congradulate you on the stellar 30 Muscle-ups for time... I can't remember the specific time but 5:45mins rings a bell. You'll get the sub 5mins no problem next time.... Crossfit games here you come!!

Andrew said...

Sherri-44:33 (135#)
Preston-38:57 (225#)
Perry - 39:00 (185#)
Rory - 29:57 (225#)
Beth - 40:11 (145#)
Ali - 41:48 (115# - 2km run)
Serena - 35:14 (75#)
Pete - 15:00 (MU and DL)