Wednesday March 18/09

(Jeff thinking that this is the most fun he has had in awhile!)


4 rounds for time

Row 500M/SDHP (50)
21 Burpees
21 Double Unders


Sandra said...

well that was ROUGH....... great job Crystal and Heather.

Did either of you feel like guinea pigs this morn? lol

Crystal said...

Everyone can thank the 8am crew that they didn't have to do 5 rounds. This one sucked the life right out of me.

Anonymous said...

Alison + box jumps = bruises

Andrew said...

alison + box jumps + bruises = tough

Andrew said...

Crystal 28:06
Sandra 27:08
Heather 30 00
Andy 21:45
Beth 27:45
Olga 25:30
Kuvvul 17:54
Serena 19:51

Dawson said...

Alison = muffin.

That can't be Jeff in the picture. He's still standing. I guess he didn't work hard enough. Hahaha.

Oh yeah. Did I mention... Alison = muffin?

Anonymous said...

Dawson with the trash talk. That's it - I say we go head to head shots of vodka -and I take your manhood

Andrew said...

There will be no taking of manhood in my gym ... can you 2 take your XXX rated talk elsewhere please ;)