WOD Monday March 23/09

Pete practicing his flying pull ups on his travels as of late ... great dedication!

(Flying pull ups)


Complete as many rounds as you can in thirty minutes of:
Five pull-ups
Five ring dips
15 Sit-ups


Dawson said...

We're all going to have 12-packs for abs after doing the tabata sit-ups last week and now all theses abs today.

Andrew. You weren't as vocal as you normally are. Did you get lucky over the weekend and leave all your energy in the bedroom?

Great work today ladies. Watching you push as hard as you did made me push hard as well. Thanks for the motivation!!!

Andrew said...

Trying a different approach, hahaha ... The strong, silent type. All I can think about now Dawson is trying to Pull 415lbs this afternoon, lol

Anonymous said...

LOL ! Love the latest adventures of our wayward Cross-fitter Pete !

Sherri said...

OMG! Hahaha--that is HILARIOUS!! Pete has obviously been having MORE FUN than us with his workouts latley!!!

Andrew! The strong, silent approach does NOT suit you! haha--we LIKE to have you hurling insults around the gym, instilling punishments (burpeees), and just plain making us cry!!! Those qualities keep us coming back for more!


Dawson said...

Andrew, I'm guessing thinking about pulling 415 today is not the only thing you were thinking about. Unless is was Photoshop Perry that did the photos.

I always knew Pete was a man with very many talents. Keep up the good work and dedication.

Andrew said...

Photo Shop Perry strikes again ...

Anonymous said...

Great work once again Perry!! haha. In all of those pics i'm actually nude... he photoshopped the clothing, so i wouldn't offend those who dislike "gingers"!! haha

Anonymous said...

Gingers - they are everywhere - and now they can freaking fly!

PW said...

I am glad you enjoyed my handy work Pete....lol

Just as long as your nude base jumping stays away from CFK!

Andrew said...

Sandra 18 + 12SU
Ellie 24 + 2 SU
Sherri 19 + 5 PU
Janet 20 + 5 PU
Heather 16 + 5 RD
Dawson 25 + 3 PU
Crystal 18 + 10 SU
Ngan 19
Andy 18 + 5 PU
Kuvvul 22 + 2PU
Ali 32 + 7 SU
Beth 8
Kirsten 32

Sandra said...
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