WOD Monday April 6/09

(A face that I am sure we will see alot of today!)




Annie (sort of)

Parallette Jumps
Sit Ups

*Reminder - CFK will be closed for Good Friday*


Dawson said...

I remember seeing Sherri doing paralette jumps before. Looked like they sucked. Once again though... Can't wait!!!

Sandra said...

not my favorite workout - I was cussing before it even began - my apologies to the class for my less then stellar behavior.

Dawson said...

Not to worry Sandra. We all have those days. Trust me... I know. You're going to come back stronger and more determined tomorrow morning and crush the workout. I can feel it.

I'm sure it'll be no time that you're leaping tall buildings.

Andrew said...

Dawson 7:36
Crystal 12:15
Tracie 15:46
Janet 8:56
Kim 8:21
Alix 9:21
Peg 8:21
Ngan 12:38
Emily 10:18
Ali 6:17
Serena 7:26
Tim 8:17
Jeff 9:32
Andy 7:54
Tanya 7:43
Kirsten 4:50
Shannon 8:57
Erin 13:20
Beth 16:53

Dawson said...

Wow!!! There are some sick times in there. Ali and Kirsten... I wish my abs were as strong as yours. Apparently you two just flew through it like it was nothing. CRAZYYY!!!!