WOD Thursday April 2/09

(Dave - Airforce FRAN)


7 Rounds For time

200 M Run
21 Burpees


Erin W said...

Sounds fun!! I'll bring my puke bucket.

Sandra said...

WAY TO PUSH this morn everyone !! I hope to be more then a spectator tomorrow. haha - hack -hack - hack!

PW said...

Andrew, can you limit people working out in their work attire to day jobs only.

Seeing Pete doing burpee's or skin the cat in his night job attire (aka banana hammock) would be quite the site...lol

Andrew said...

So you mean his "prison uniform" Perry?! There is a reason why he is the most popular "Guard" at Joyceville!

Dawson said...

Good work everyone in the "Boot Camp" this morning. Way to push hard for the workout at such an early hour of the morning. Hopefully you won't be hurting too much tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you all again Monday.

David said...

haha, air force work attire is more like khakis on a golf course ;)

I probably won't be doing that again anytime soon though...

Andrew said...

Em 2404(6)
Ngan 2404 (5+1 run)
Janet 2234
Sherri 1717 (push ups)
Dawson 1849
Ellie 2304
Ali P. 2103
Justin 2231
Steve 2345
Kirsten 1728 !!!
Alix 1904
Tim 1950
Tanya 2010
Perry 2018
Kari 2018
Kacey 2334
Erin 2334 (Row)
Pete 2444 (Hill Run)
Andrew 1733 (Hill Run)
Kim 2034 (Hill Run)

Anonymous said...

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