(Harmer Jumping in his ridiculous "Sandals" ... he made a higher jump after changing shoes!)


Snatch Grip Deadlift

After each lift do 3 box jumps as high as possible

rest 5 minutes

7 rounds for time of 

10 weighted step ups with DB (as heavy as possible)
10 Kness to Elbows


Dawson said...

What a lovely workout. I hope everybody makes it in to do it. Ellie and Crystal were absolute machines this morning. They motored through it as if it was nothing. Only a few grunts and groans (that was before the WOD). Great job ladies!!!

Andrew said...

Forgot to do the 3 box jumps after each DL this morning! sorry 8AM crew!

E said...

no apologies required

Dawson said...

Thank goodness. I definitely kept that on the down-low this morning. I can always come in and do them later Andrew. Hahahaha. Man I'm funny sometimes.

Andrew said...

don't worry ... i will make it up to everyone at 8AM

PW said...

I sure hope so, but it goes with the territory. The poor 8am class ends up being the guinea pigs for the rest of the day. You should count your blessings though!! The wod's usually get harder as Hitler I mean Andrew thinks they were to easy...lol

Heil BURNS!!!

Dawson said...

I think all the ladies that did this WOD put the guys to shame today. Great work!!!

Andrew said...

Ellie 1035
Crystal 1022
Dawson 1451
Kim 1123
Kari-Lyn 1247
Foisy 1703
Pete 1410
Ali 1435

PW said...

The hardest work out of my entire crossfit experience!