WOD Wednesday May 20/09

(The boys showing a little leg)


Split Cleans

Parallette Pass Through
Skin the Cat
Double Unders


Dawson said...

What's with the t-shirt? 3-2-1-GO is a CrossFit motto. CF Fredericton's motto should be 3-2-1-CHEAT or... 3-2-1-LET'S HAVE MY FRIEND JUDGE ME SO I CAN CUT CORNERS AND GET THE FASTEST TIME.


Andrew said...

Disclaimer : CrossFit Kingston Mgmt is not responsible for the opinions of its members ;)

Pete said...


Sherri said...

Everything about these posts is hilarious!!

haha--the pic?! They look so CUTE cuddling, don't they, everyone! Dawson?? FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra said...

Tues & Wed posts are better reading then the morning comics! :D

Andrew said...

tracie 2120
sherri 2519
dawson 2839 rx'd
Sandra 1500
Ingmar 2045
Emily 2050
Foisy 1811
Jamie 2053
Pete 2211 rx'd
Tim 1746
Erin 1923
Kari Lyn 1929
Beth 1947
Jeff 1954
Serena 1537

Dawson said...

Wow!!! Some awesome times for a hard workout. Great job everyone!