WOD Tuesday June 16/09


Two rounds, of each couplet, for time of:

800 meter run
20 Clapping Push Ups

20 Hang Power Snatch (75#/45#)
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

-There will be no 12:15 Class on Wednesday June 17th-


Linds said...

Any thoughts on todays WOD!?

Sherri said...

IT WAS BRUTAL, Linds!!!!!!!!!!

Way worse (okay, maybe just for me??) than yesterday. I am not a runner. So when I saw TWO 800's...I was worried. Not sure about anyone else? But I found this an extremely difficult and challenging WOD to get through today..

Anyone else??

Linds said...

Forearms are shot, probably wasn't a wise idea to wakeboard before the workout ..

Ingmar said...

I seem to have decreased "dexterity" (word of the day) after todays workout. It was hard, but I found yesterdays even harder. Thank god for post-workout beer on a hot day.

Dawson said...

Way to push through this WOD after a killer one Monday.

Amy 1915
Martha 1947
Landon 2312
Nevia 2125
Kate 2049
Shelley 2456
Ellie 2023
Heather 2352
Sherri 2352
Dawson 1602 (rxd)
Kari-Lyn 1942
Ngan 2226
Stella 2036
Em 2251
Adam 2840
Andrew 1835 (rxd)
Pete 2010 (rxd)
Foisy 2400 (rxd)
Serena 2000
Tim 2203
Andy 2433
Beth 2708
Harmer 2241 (rxd)
Kirsten 2325
Ali K 1725
Ashley 1734
Ingmar 1736
Linds 1834